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Forget about the capital cities, these are the regional markets where demand has improved and prices have grown




FORGET about capital city property markets; these are our best performing markets away from the bright lights of the CBD.

While major regional property markets may not experience the same levels of demand and price growth as capital cities like Sydney and Melbourne, there are a few starting to give them a run for their money.

CoreLogic RP Data research analyst Cameron Kusher said many regional towns were starting to feel the flow-on effect of too high prices in capital cities.

“What you are finding, particularly in areas like Newcastle and Wollongong is that as people are getting priced out of Sydney you are seeing a lot more activity there, values rising,’’ he said.

He said regional lifestyle markets has also experienced some good results.

“(The results for) Coastal markets in Queensland are a bit mixed but the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Cairns you are seeing some growth.’’


Mr Kusher said those lifestyle markets which hadn’t performed so well of late included Townsville which was still closely linked to the resources sector and the Surf Coast in Latrobe Gippsland which had only had moderate levels of growth.
Bunbury in Western Australia was also weakening in line with current conditions in Perth.
Mr Kusher said many regional markets were affordable and an interesting prospect to people who are normally buying in the higher priced capital cities.

“Most of these markets have not seen a lot of growth since 2008 and obviously for some the equity position that people have in Sydney and Melbourne is encouraging people to invest in some of these regional lifestyle markets,’’ he said.
He said many were a lot more affordable and if they were close enough to allow commuting to the city for work, they were appealing.


“That is probably leading to some of the growth (in regional markets) and then other people are looking more and more at lifestyle investment and probably the low Australian dollar is helping there as well.

“There is definitely way more affordable options outside of markets like Sydney and Melbourne but for most I think the thing holding them back is making that move if they’ve got a good job and then actually finding a decent job in a lot of these (regional) cities.

“Whether we like it or not most of the jobs are still in the capital cities not in regional areas.’’

The Illawarra region of New South Wales experienced the biggest growth in prices during the past year with its house values up 15.8 per cent and units were up by 13.2 per cent.

By comparison during the same period Sydney house prices rose by 7.5 per cent and units by 7.3 per cent.

In terms of transaction numbers a larger number of buyers flocked to the Richmond-Tweed region of New South Wales with its sales numbers up 10.8 per cent on last year to reach 5930.



NEWCASTLE – 7625 sales. House values up 8.1 per cent, unit values up 6.3 per cent

ILLAWARRA – 5764 sales. House values up 15.8 per cent, unit values up 13.2 per cent

RICHMOND-TWEED – 5930 sales. House values up 6.4 per cent, unit values up 6 per cent

GOLD COAST – 19,516 sales. House values up 7.2 per cent, unit values up 4.8 per cent

SUNSHINE COAST – 10,506 sales. House values up 4.4 per cent, unit values up 3.3 per cent

TOWNSVILLE – 3419 sales. House values down 2.2 per cent, unit values down 3.2 per cent

WIDE BAY – 5471 sales. House values up 1 per cent, unit values down 0.9 per cent

CAIRNS – 5510 sales. House values up 2.7 per cent, unit values up 0.8 per cent

GEELONG – 6117 sales. House values up 5.4 per cent, unit values up 2.8 per cent

LATROBE-GIPPSLAND – 5792 sales. House values up 3 per cent, unit values up 2.1 per cent

BUNBURY – 3021 sales. House values up 0.3 per cent, unit values down 3.7 per cent

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Gateway to $3 billion, 4800 home new Coast city opens




THE gateway to Palmview’s $3b master-planned community of Harmony will become a reality on Monday.

AVID Property Group and Sunshine Coast Council’s Cr Rick Baberowski will officially open Peter Crosby Way, the northern access into the 378ha project to the south of Sippy Downs.

During the next 15 to 20 years Harmony will deliver more than 4800 homes for 12,000 future residents, all enhanced by 100ha of open space.

Harmony is also slated for the future delivery of a town centre offering 15,250sq m gross floor area.

AVID Property Group general manager Bruce Harper said the event would be a landmark day for development at Palmview.

“This is an exciting construction milestone as we officially open Peter Crosby Way – the gateway to Harmony,” Mr Harper said.

“The road’s name pays homage to the site’s Crosby family history and will service 12,000 future Harmony residents, as well as those in neighbouring communities.”

Sunshine Coast farmer Peter Crosby has been a land-owner since 1964 and has strong roots in the area.

Crosby Hill Road at Buderim is named after the family.

Mr Crosby has been operating a cattle farm on the land, and a cane farm in previous decades.

The road opening coincides with the start of construction on individual houses at the estate.

Work on display homes in the Harmony Display World is already well advanced with the 43 homes from a team of 25 national and local builder partners expected to open in the second half of this year.


Harmony’s first home buyer Daniel Clark said he was looking forward to construction commencing on his new home.

“It is very exciting to get out on site and see the construction progressing at Harmony,” Mr Clark said.

“Having downsized to a smaller sized block will mean less time spent on maintenance and more time for the important things in life.

“Harmony is the perfect location for me – right in the heart of the Sunshine Coast but also a short drive to Brisbane, meaning I can be close to both my daughters and grandchildren at Noosa and Albany Creek.

“I love that my block is so private and there will be lots of green, open spaces in the community.

“I was happy to learn that the development has become the first six leaf EnviroDevelopment masterplanned community in the South East.”

Queensland home builders, Stylemaster Homes, is set to deliver Mr Clark’s new four-bedroom, open plan home.

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Housing shortage: 150 home inspections to jag a rental




JOHN Hunt thought he would be sleeping on the streets this week.

Mr Hunt has spent the past two months searching for a rental property after being told he would not be able to renew the lease at his Currimundi home.

As if finding an affordable rental on the Sunshine Coast is not hard enough, his house hunt was made even more difficult because he needs a residence that is wheelchair accessible and can accommodate his two companion dogs.

On the eve of eviction this week, he got a phone call that changed his Christmas.

“I got a house – that’s Christmas taken care of for me,” he said.

Mr Hunt will move this weekend to a rental at Beerwah which he can make wheelchair-friendly through the use of portable ramps.

He had been forced to look for somewhere else to live because his landlord required his current house for use by a relative.

He said he was fortunate that his letting agent, aware of his predicament, had allowed him enough leeway on vacating the property by the due date of Tuesday.

“I would have been out on the street,” he said.

On a disability pension, Mr Hunt is part of a group of people finding it increasingly difficult to rent on the Coast because their fixed incomes have not risen at the same rate as rents.

Mr Hunt estimated he looked at 150 houses over two months, of which about 20 were suitable.

He was critical of home owners and letting agents who seemed oblivious to the requirements of disabled potential tenants such as himself.

“It’s not the housing crisis, it’s people with no common sense – people sending me out to houses with stairs and houses I can’t fit into in a wheelchair, bathrooms I can’t fit into,” he said.

His house hunting gave him an insight into the shortage of affordable housing on the Sunshine Coast.

“It’s just so scary. Some of the people I talked to were living in their cars. Something needs to be done. People need to know about it, I think,” he said.


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Sunshine Beach property breaks real estate record



The property overlooks Sunshine Beach, as the backyard lawn meets the sand.

The property overlooks Sunshine Beach, as the backyard lawn meets the sand.

A SUNSHINE Beach mansion sold for a cool $9.3 million has smashed a Queensland real estate record.

The sale of the Webb Rd beachfront beauty now claims the highest property sale in the state outside of Brisbane.

Noosa real estate agency Tom Offermann oversaw the multi-million dollar exchange and principal Tom Offerman said the 1460m2 property is worth every penny.

“It’s a record price, but I think it’s worth every dollar when you consider it’s a once only payment for enjoyment in perpetuity, and the value will only escalate over time,” Mr Offermann said.

“It really only hits you how wonderful the property is when standing on the lawn overlooking the surf.

“It’s the highest Queensland sale of its type outside Brisbane and sets a new benchmark for lifestyle property.”

The five bedroom, four bathroom property overlooks a panaromic ocean view of Sunshine Beach, with a lush tropical backyard garden fringing a lagoon-style pool and a lawn that seamlessly meets the white sand.

The home boasts “party-sized” balconies and terraces, open spacious interiors, and is a two-minute stroll to a shopping village and 4km to chic Hastings St.

Webb Rd is a short cul-de-sac and contains just four beachfront houses in total

The property overlooks Sunshine Beach, as the backyard lawn meets the sand.

Mr Offermann said the previous owners lived there since 1984, and have “downsized” from the property to another house in the same area.

Mr Offermann would not comment on the buyer’s identity or intentions for the property, however did make note of the number of celebrities that often make Sunshine Beach their home.

“One of the real joys of our business is the people we have the privilege to meet. It’s amazing who can walk into our offices: rock stars, movies stars, sports stars, corporate captains, celebrities, billionaires, you name it,” he said.

“I remember one day we met the Incredible Hulk, Bill Bixby, in our office, and then bumped into Rod Stewart getting a sandwich next door.

“While Noosa’s drawcard is its natural environment, amenable climate, and lifestyle, I hear a lot of people saying they love it because all the people seem so relaxed and pleasant.”

Tom Offermann handles most of the prestigious sales in Noosa and currently has seven of the eight available beachfront houses listed, starting at $5.95 million.

Mr Offermann said he remembers overseeing the first million dollar sale for a Sunshine Beach property in the late 1980s.

“I recall negotiating the first million dollar sale for a Sunshine Beach house in 1987 when a lot of people considered it a ridiculous price,” Mr Offermann said.

“Demonstrating how the value of prime location, we sold it again a couple of years ago for over $7 million.

“Records will continue to be smashed because they are just not making any more of it and people, who can afford it, will want it.”

Original article published at  by Staff Writer 21/9/16

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